Our Services

We provide our customers value, quality, and service. We will combine the talents of our customers and suppliers to provide an atmosphere of never ending improvement. Mehrancorporation realizes that only through innovation and a continued push towards excellence we will obtain and exceed our goals.


Mehran Corporation depends strongly on its professional and long experience in international trading Being one of the leading export companies in the region made Mehran Corporation focus more on acquiring and realizing bigger share in each market.as well as exceeding its horizons and expanding its channels to reach out to a bigger customers and clients base in different regions. Mehrancorporation continue to provide our clients with all items available in the region.


providing all sort of services such as Banking, purchasing, shipping and payment transfers and payment transactions on behalf of foreign buyers. Mehrancorporation has facilitated the international trading procedure to its foreign clients starting with raising their awareness about the international trade documents including LC (letter of credit), health certificate, Phytosanitary, certificate of origin and other documents.

In addition, the Company achieved a competitive advantage in the international market and gained more loyalty from its clients by offering valuable and competitive prices that are achievable and attainable using its strong relationship with various shipping companies, who provide different kinds of transportation; (whether by air, sea and/or land)


When bringing goods into the country our experts have the knowledge to make sure you meet all safety and other requirements that include necessary paper work, certificates,tariffs, taxes and warehouse services.Throughout its trip that started more than 10 years ago, Mehran Corporation maintained a trustworthy and strong relationship with its suppliers. Mehran Corporation continues to seek competitive prices offered by its suppliers, the company never discards the high quality of the items shipped.

Other Services

Mehran Corporation providing all sort of services such as Banking, purchasing, shipping and payment transfers and payment transactions on behalf of foreign buyers of Pakistani products.

Mehran Corporation secure overseas exporter when exporting to Pakistan it is important to protect your business against the risk of non-payment by your overseas customers. In order to protect your business in such cases. Mehran Corporation provide services to divert the consignment on our own company to make sure your goods are cleared from customs to avoid heavy port demurrage and are safely stored and delivered to your desired customer as per your instructions. If you are planning for trading or setting up businesses in Pakistan, we are the perfect partner to work with.