About Us

Mehran Corporation is a leading import and export company offering its clients valuable and competitive prices that are achievable and attainable, and using different kinds of transportation; (whether by air, sea and/or land). Mehran Corporation work hard to provide the best services to our customers and clients, reflecting high level of responsibility and credibility that we believe our clients deserve!

Mehran Corporation is in trading since 1990 and started its first export as a comprehensive international trade company. And since then, the Company built a very wide base of clients and customers as well throughout the world. Mehran Corporation combined international trade experience with knowledge of the global marketplace, in order to set up a strong base of clients and partners.Today, Mehran Corporation is the most trustworthy and connected international traders in the Pakistan . Our services are internationally recognized due to the strong commitment toward accurate material supply and superior products. Our Team works continuously on building new relationships with emerging producers, providing them with services that reflect our a solid business strategy, decades of experience, and professionalism.


Mehran Corporation provide all sort of services such as banking, purchasing, shipping and payment transfers and payment transactions on behalf of foreign buyers of Pakistani products

Mehran Corporation try our best to secure overseas exporter when exporting to Pakistan it is important to protect your business against the risk of non-payment by your overseas customers. In order to protect your business in such cases. Mehran Corporation provide services to divert the consignment on our own company to make sure your goods are cleared from customs to avoid heavy port demurrage and are safely stored and delivered to your desired customer as per your instructions. If you are planning for trading or setting up businesses in Pakistan, we are the perfect partner to work with.