Welcome to the Mehran Corporation , one of the leading and most experienced international trade companies, with a headquarter in Karachi, Pakistan. Mehran Corporation is importer and exporter of Himalaya Rock Salt, Pine Nuts Kernal, Sesame Seeds, Wheat Bran, Wheat straw, Grains and Spices etc..

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About Us

Mehran Corporation is a leading import and export company offering its clients valuable and competitive prices that are achievable and attainable, and using different kinds of transportation (by air, sea & land). Mehran Corporation work hard to provide the best services to our customers and clients!


Our Services

  • Importing and Exporting
  • Purchasing Domestic products for export
  • Being a Commission Agency exporting Goods Worldwide
  • Documents preparation
  • Shipping arrangement
  • Storage (including temperature-controlled storage)

Our Products

Mehran Corporation is in trading since 1990 and started its first export as a comprehensive international trade company. And since then, the Company built a very wide base of clients and customers as wellthroughout the world. Our products are Salt, Pine Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Wheat bran, Wheat straw etc..